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RLSOO Cordless Portable Chainsaw, Lightweight, High-Capacity Battery, Ideal for Wood Cutting, Pruning, Outdoor Use

6-Inch Mini Electric Chainsaw Description

Highly Efficient Cutting: The RLSOO 6-Inch Mini Electric Chainsaw can cut through logs up to 6 inches in diameter in approximately 4 seconds. Ideal for thicker trees, it meets diverse cutting needs.

2 Large Capacity Batteries & 3 Chains: Equipped with two 24V rechargeable 3000mAh batteries, providing extended use. Includes three high-quality guide chains that ensure smooth cutting.

Portable & One-Hand Operation: Weighing only 2.55lb, this lightweight chainsaw is easy to carry and use. The non-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip, making it suitable for family and outdoor work.

Upgraded Copper Motor: The high-efficiency motor offers longer running time, increased torque, and more power, reducing wear and extending the chainsaw’s lifespan.

Safe & Reliable: Features a double-sided safety switch, safety bezel to prevent wood splashing, protective gloves, goggles, and an LED light for use in dark environments.

Wide Applications: Pre-assembled and easy to use, perfect for wood cutting, gardening, small branch pruning, and bush pruning. Ideal for gardens, farms, parks, forests, greenhouses, hiking, and camping.